Jessie & Jonno

Jessie and Jonno are two peas in a travelling pod. Having spent two years in London, and travelling throughout Europe, the couple had returned home for an Australian wedding.

Hinting at the theme for the wedding, Jessie requested the invites be purple. The couple’s only other request were to keep costs to a minimum as weddings are an expensive business!

The resulting wedding package was greatly inspired by their travels taken together. The ‘Save The Date’ postcard features a photo of their view in Bruges taken by the Jessie just moments after Jonno proposed, while the tri-fold invite (based on a low-wastage size to reduce costs) folds out to map all the locations they have travelled to together, as well as a trail showing the trans-Siberian railway journey they took for their honeymoon.


My name is Libby de Souza. I’m a Studio Manager and Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I co-founded and project manage ‘Sundae Craft’; a small club exploring different crafting ‘flavours’ month to month. I collect Lego, enjoy riding my bike, and do printmaking in my spare time.