I have always had a fascination with combining graphic design with sewing. My on-going Neckerchiefs project is an exercise in textile design and hand-embroidery.

The “New Penzance Neckerchief” was printed by the rad gang at Frankie and Swiss on 100% Cotton, before I individually sewed the fabric into neckerchiefs along with hand-embroidered edition labels. The “Let’s Go Camping” neckerchief is a navy scarf featuring hand-embroidered detail and a woven woggle to neatly tie around the neck scout-style. 

The “Let’s Go Camping” neckerchief was featured in the Frankie Magazine Nov/Dec 2015 edition. Both are available through my online store.


My name is Libby de Souza. I’m a Studio Manager and Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I co-founded and project manage ‘Sundae Craft’; a small club exploring different crafting ‘flavours’ month to month. I collect Lego, enjoy riding my bike, and do printmaking in my spare time.