Sundae Craft

A collection of friends interested in craft motivated me to start an extra-curricular monthly-making get-together with crafty co-founder Kitiya Palaskas.

Our aim was to create a social space to experiment with difference crafting techniques. When developing the brand, I likened the experience to trying out different flavours of ice-cream, and hence developed a brand and logo around ‘Sundae Craft’.

I manage the month to month running of our sessions through Mailchimp, organise materials and guest teachers, as well as manage the photography and the Facebook group. Our projects can be viewed on Instagram using the hashtag #sundaecraft.


My name is Libby de Souza. I’m a Studio Manager and Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I co-founded and project manage ‘Sundae Craft’; a small club exploring different crafting ‘flavours’ month to month. I collect Lego, enjoy riding my bike, and do printmaking in my spare time.