The Expol

Currently making their mark on the Australian music scene, young indierockers ‘The Expol’ were looking for a brand to elevate their profile and bring a cohesive message to their social media.

Sharing their music solely online, it was integral to the band that a mark could be identified seamlessly across a range of different profiles from Twitter to Soundcloud.

The resulting primary logo is a clean, easily read and finely bold mark to reflect the band’s maturing sound. A single symbol ‘X’ was also designed to be a standalone icon for visual strength throughout social media.

Band photo credit: Jonty Carlin.


My name is Libby de Souza. I’m a Studio Manager and Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I co-founded and project manage ‘Sundae Craft’; a small club exploring different crafting ‘flavours’ month to month. I collect Lego, enjoy riding my bike, and do printmaking in my spare time.